Effective workplaces

Is your business expanding, renovating or reconstructing? If your ordinary premises are not enough, or need to be supplemented or replaced within a specific timeframe, we have an efficient, fast and smooth solution: modular buildings.

Business as usual with flexible modules

You can customize our modules to meet your specific needs. They are designed for connecting to an existing building or, in conjunction with other modules, create a separate building. Regardless which configuration you choose, these high-quality structures ensure that you and your colleagues are comfortable and able to focus on business as usual.

Solutions that work for you

The premises are well suited for office work, but can be used advantageously for many other environments such as conference rooms, lunch rooms, gyms or retail spaces. Want to add a kitchen or change a technical solution? There are lots of options to choose from.

We also know how important your working environment is for comfort and work performance, which is why we offer high-quality modular solutions. So comfortable that it’s easy to forget that you’re working in a module.

Our Modules

High Class Module

With our flexible high class modules you can easily create an environment with the best conditions for your operations. For example, it is possible to build upwards; the modules can manage montage up to two floors.

With an internal ceiling height of 270 cm, our premises have an airy and pleasant atmosphere. Ventilation with heat recovery is included as standard and can be supplemented with comfort cooling as an option. They are also prepared for district heating. Installation of telecommunications, data and alarms will be coordinated by our knowledgeable staff.

Technical data

Area:28,6 m2
Interior Area:26,6 m2
Length:9600 mm
Width:2980 mm
Width including exterior wall:3250 mm
Height:3400 mm
Interior ceiling height:2700 mm
Weight:3500-7000 kg

Maxi Module

Our flexible Maxi modules have a standard that is almost as high as that of newly produced, permanent buildings. The module is primarily intended for different office environments; they are very flexible and can be adapted to a large extent according to the operations.

We know how important work environment is for satisfaction on the job; which is why there are high quality and thought out details integrated in our solutions. The interior ceiling height is 270 cm, which creates an airy and pleasant atmosphere. Ventilation with heat recovery is included as standard. As an option, the system can be supplemented with comfort cooling, installation of telecommunications, data and alarms, which is coordinated by our knowledgeable staff.

Technical data

Area:28,8 m2
Interior Area:27,3 m2
Length:9600 mm
Width:2970 mm
Width including exterior wall:3150 mm
Height:3343 mm
Interior ceiling height:2700 mm
Weight:3000-7000 kg